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Member Communities

Every member community composes MART’s service area. Each community has a seat on MART’s Advisory Board. Each community has the right to vote on the level of MART services provided and assessed to them. For questions on the level of service in your city or town, please review MART’s Services, or contact your local government offices. The following is a list (in alphabetical order) of all MART’s current member communities.

Ashburnham – member since 1980

Ashby – member since 1985

Athol – member since 2013

Ayer – member since 1981

Barre – member since 2021

Bolton – member since 2006

Boxborough – member since 2006

Fitchburg – member since 1978

Gardner – member since 1978

Hardwick – member since 1988

Harvard – member since 2000

Hubbardston – member since 1983

Lancaster – member since 1981

Leominster – member since 1978

Littleton – member since 1984

Lunenburg – member since 1989

Phillipston– member since 2022

Royalston – member since 1984

Shirley – member since 1981

Sterling – member since 1982

Stow – member since 2007

Templeton – member since 1985

Westminster – member since 1986

Winchendon – member since 1985

‘MART’ was created pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 161B which mandates that we should be governed by an Advisory Board through a set of by-laws. The following are highlights of the By-Laws in reference to Advisory Board membership and responsibility.

Membership: Voting members of the MART Advisory Board shall be composed of the chief elected official of each of the member communities of a MART, or a representative of the chief elected official who has been appointed as a designee.

Vote: Each member city or town shall have one vote on the Advisory Board plus additional votes and fractions thereof determined by multiplying one and one half times the total number of members in the Authority by a fraction of which the numerator shall be the total amount of all assessments made by the state treasurer to such members under this chapter and the denominator shall be the total amount of all such assessments made by the state treasurer to such members, in accordance with Chapter 161B of Mass. General Laws. The total vote of each member shall each year be determined by the Authority thirty days after the state treasurer has sent assessments to the members of the Authority. The determination of votes shall be based upon the most recent annual assessment. In the event a member community does not have an assessment, that community will have one vote.

Ex-officio Members: The Authority shall have the power to elect ex-officio members without the right to vote.

Powers, Duties and Responsibilities: The Advisory Board shall have further powers, duties and responsibilities necessary to effectuate the goals and purposes of the Authority and which are not inconsistent with Chapter 161B of the General Laws.

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