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DBE Program Goals

Goal Submission for Fiscal Years 2021-2023

DBE Program Overview  |  DBE Program Goal Methodology

New Goals

The Montachusett Regional Transit Authority’s (MART’s) overall goal for the time period FFY2021-2023 (October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2023) is 2% of the Federal financial assistance we will expend in DOT-assisted contracts, exclusive of FTA funds to be used for the purchase of transit vehicles. $5,203,120 is the dollar amount of DOT-assisted contracts that MART expects to award between FFY2021 and FFY2023 in capital projects. $3,372,120 is expected to be awarded in FFY2021, $873,000 in FFY22, and $958,000 in FFY20. This means that MART has set a goal of expending $292,000 with DBEs during the next three fiscal years. We estimate that, in meeting our overall goal of 2%, we will obtain 2% from race-neutral participation and 0% through race-conscious measures.


The following projects will be completed during the time period of Fiscal Years 2021-2023 and will be accomplished with DOT financial assistance.


Project Name Project Description
Rehab of Fitchburg Admin/ Maintenance Facility Install CO/NO system into bus storage and maintenance bays. This will automatically trigger exhaust Fans to turn on when CO or NO levels reach safety targets. Install exhaust vents to tie into system. Strip and paint walls and repair/replace steel wrappings around I-Beam Columns between garage doors. Add Gas-Packs to this since shifted from FY20.
Rehab Fitchburg Intermodal Center Repair, sandblast, paint & seal steel frame which is rusting and streaking down side of building.
Replace/Upgrade IT Related Support Equipment AVL Server overhaul (ITMS 8.0), Security Cameras, Platform SW Upgrades, Computer Upgrades
Rehab Leominster Admin/ Storage Facility Replace entire roof and Air Handling Unit (AHU) over 840 N. Main original building. Original pebble roof which is leaking in spots.
New Automatic Passenger Counters (45) Install APCs in entire fixed route fleet – this will include large transit buses (23 dual door) and smaller shuttle buses (22 single door). This will provide solid passenger counts as well as PMT. Could tie AVL function to system.
Rehab Gardner Maintenance Facility Repair collapsed underground storm drain and seal pavement around facility.
Rehab Fitchburg Admin/Maintenance Facility – Pavement Seal asphalt pavement and re-stripe parking areas around entire facility. Regrind and pave employee parking area behind the building with fence between lot and neighboring property.
Replacement Engines on 35′ Buses (2) Two of the five 2007 Gillig buses still need engine replacements. The other 3 were done in FY18. 2007 Cummins engines have known problems.
Rehab Fitchburg Admin/ Maintenance Facility – Stairs Stairs in back of building need replacing as some of the concrete is crumbling creating an unsafe environment at this employee entrance.
Rehab Fitchburg Admin/ Maintenance Facility – Fire Safety Replace fire panel in basement as it is overloaded. This will require replacement of all fire safety related devices, such as but not limited to, smoke detectors.
Acquire – Support Vehicles Replace current road supervisor/car-pool staff support vehicle. Current small fleet consists of 1 2005 car and 1 2009 SUV. This will help SGR.
Shop Equipment Eliminate bus parallelogram and two-post lift. Replace two older 4-post lifts with rolling jacks. Purchase four 4-post lifts w/ jacks to replace these items. Also new reel systems w/piping and new guns. All new pumps in lube room.
Rehab Gardner Maintenance Facility – Floor Have Structural engineer do analysis of floor in maintenance and vehicle storage bays. Repair floor in accordance with guidance.
Rehab/Reno Historic Mass Transp. Bldg. (Incl. Ops) Strip & repaint existing historic windows. Cover historic windows with new weather tight energy efficient whole pane windows. Fix cracking corner stones over windows.
Acquire – Mobile Fare Collection Equip Acquire replacement Automated Fare Collection System to include fare-box hardware, sales terminals, and software enabling innovative and wide ranging fare payment capabilities.
Purchase Vehicle Locator System Replace legacy fixed route AVL system with new analytical bus route performance and ridership tracking system that will integrate with our Automatic Passenger Counters.
5 Ford Transmissions Purchase 5 transmissions and related items for Ford E-350 chasses

For the rest of the FY22 & FY23 projects, please click on the following Summary of Projects document.

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