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Fare Free January 1 - June 30, 2024


FITCHBURG ITC 7:30A 11:30A 3:30P
WORCESTER VA-Main Entrance 8:15A 12:15P 4:15P
U-MASS MEDICAL-Main Entrance 8:20A 12:20P 4:20P
MEMORIAL- Main Entrance 8:25A 12:25P 4:25P
COURT HOUSE- Main Entrance 8:30A 12:30P 4:30P
CITY HALL- Main Entrance 8:37A 12:37P 4:37P
UNION STATION- Front 8:45A 12:45P 4:45P
WORCESTER MEDICAL/ST. VINCENT- Main Entr. 8:50A 12:50P 4:50P
RELIANT MEDICAL Neponset St. – Main Entr. 9:00A 1:00P 5:00P
FITCHBURG ITC 9:40A 1:40P 5:40P
This shuttle route is different from a regular shuttle or bus route as it is semi-deviated. It has Guaranteed (fixed) Stops at set times (in dark yellow) and at estimated times (in lighter yellow). Guaranteed stops repeated at the bottom are estimated on the return back to the Intermodal Center, and are on-demand. The blue stops are only guaranteed if someone boards in Fitchburg or Leominster (dark yellow). White lines are only suggested stops and are not meant to be accurate or complete. These stops are requested by the customers that board the shuttle at any of the Guaranteed Stops (or by booking a ride) and can vary each day on each shuttle. Since these stops are not fixed, you must call 1-800-922-5636 option 3 for a return ride at least one hour prior to the scheduled start times above. (If you don’t call we won’t know where someone is waiting to be picked up.) You need to call for return trips at stops with asterisks (*) as well.

Worcester Shuttle Map

Download the Worcester Shuttle map by clicking on the link below

Fares - Worcester Shuttle Rates

Worcester Shuttle – All Walk-On –1st Come 1st Served One Way $5
Worcester Elderly/Disabled (60+ with MART ID, Medicare, Statewide ID) One Way $2.50
Children (5 and under with an adult) Free
Veterans No Charge

Fares - Regional Pass

Adult Regular Pass $60.00
Reduced Fare Pass $40.00