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Procurement Coordinator – Job Opportunity

Fare Free January 1 - June 30, 2024

Job Details

Procurement Coordinator – Job Opportunity

Position Summary:

The Procurement Coordinator’s key responsibilities are to be an effective team member in maintaining the procurement process, so it functions for the best interest of the organization, while following “Best Practices”. The Procurement Coordinator is the gate keeper of the procurement process, by participating in and overseeing the procurement process from authorization through procurement method, successful acquisition and to the maintenance of procurement document control. The individual will maintain knowledge of Federal Circulars in relation to procurement regulations and requirements; attend Federal Transit Administration (FTA) training to maintain and update MART procurement policies and procedures accordingly. Inform, educate, and enhance Authority’s knowledge of procurement policies and guidance as new updates and notices are issued.


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Job Description:

Procurement Coordinator - Job Description 1.23.2024